Created: 9th November, 2015


Author: Margaret Wild
Illustrator: Ron Brooks
Publisher: Allen & Unwin

A dark tale set against the background of the burning Australian desert. A one-eyed Dog and a flightless Magpie make a life together, Magpie declaring ‘I will be your missing eye, and you will be my wings.’ Then Fox with ‘haunted eyes and rich red coat’ enters their lives, welcomed by Dog but treated with suspicion by Magpie.

This is a story of friendship and betrayal with an ambivalent ending which provides much food for thought and discussion, particularly about Fox’s complex motivation. The text has been hand-lettered by the illustrator, whose textured illustrations are roughly scored to mark elements of the bleak natural environment, and in particular to simulate the fur of the Fox which glows as a result of the predominantly orange and brown colour palette.


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