Created: 30th June, 2023

A First Book of Dinosaurs

Author: Simon Mole
Illustrator: Matt Hunt
Publisher: Walker

A beautifully produced, large-format gift hardback of poetry all about dinosaurs.

The book is divided into four sections: 'Meet the Dinosaurs', 'Eat or Be Eaten', 'Dinosaur Families' and 'The End. Or Is It?', and closes with a dino-timeline. Meet familiar favourites including Pterosaurs and Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as some lesser-known creatures such as Eoraptor and Giraffatitan.

Poetic forms and techniques explored include kennings, similes, metaphors, acrostic poems, comparisons and onomatopoeia, plus a short dialogue with a modern-day chicken, and a recipe to create a Therizinosaurus. 

With blocky, boldly dynamic artwork by Matt Hunt, this is a book to treasure.



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