Created: 12th June, 2023

The Baker by the Sea

Author: Paula White
Illustrator: Paula White
Publisher: Templar




Years 3 and 4

A lyrical, richly illustrated storybook about community and family - set against the backdrop of a seaside fishing village.

If you keep walking over the hills and across the fields, you will come to the edge, where the land meets the sea. And on this edge lies a village. This is my home.

A young boy watches the grown-ups in his village go about their work. Everyone is busy: the blacksmith, the boat-builder, the baker. But most important of all, he thinks, are the fishermen who bring in the catch.

The boy's father is a baker, but he wants to be a daring fishermen when he grows up, brave enough to sail through stormy seas. He asks his father, "Have you ever been to sea?"

An atmospheric look at a traditional way of life, and a timeless reminder that everyone is important, no matter how seemingly small their role.



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