Created: 24th October, 2018

Ariki and the Giant Shark

Author: Nicola Davies
Illustrator: Nicola Kinnear
Publisher: Walker

Ariki lives on a tiny island in the Pacific where she was washed up on the shore as a toddler and taken into the guardianship of the Star Walker, Arohaka. Ariki has a great affinity with the creatures of the ocean and is more at home in the sea than out of it. So when most of the islanders believe that a giant shark is their enemy, how can she convince them not to harm it?

Nicola Kinnear’s illustrations draw out the playful aspects of this short novel which reveals connections between the stars in the sky and the life of the ocean and between humans and the natural world. A second story Ariki and the Island of Wonders (9781406369809, Walker £5.99) is available.