Created: 17th November, 2015

An Alphabet of Stories

Author: Oliver Jeffers
Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Publisher: HarperCollins

A brilliant, humorously executed, concept based around the idea that each letter must have a story because ‘If words make up stories, and letters make up words, then stories are made of letters’.

A very brief, frequently philosophical, story is attributed to each letter. The meaning is melded together by Oliver Jeffers’ expressive cartoon style drawings and by the inclusion in the text of several words beginning with that letter. Thus battling Bernard and Bob burn a bridge, and Mary discovers that molecules matter. An implied moral can be teased out from some of these short fables. Unexpected links occur between several stories. Find out what elephants and envelopes have got to do with the letter N. Meet recurring characters the owl and the octopus who roam the world solving problems.