Created: 1st November, 2019

The Accidental Prime Minister

Author: Tom McLaughlin
Illustrator: Tom McLaughlin
Publisher: Oxford University Press

When Joe discovers that his local park has closed without consultation so that a block of luxury flats can be built, he is outraged. It so happens that the Prime Minister, Percival T. Duckholm, is visiting his school and Joe cannot hold back, publically giving the PM a piece of his mind. Due to the presence of the media, their encounter goes viral and people start saying that twelve-year-old Joe should become Prime Minister. It seems that there is no constitutional objection to this and Duckholm hands over the reins. Joe’s approach to the job is to introduce ‘a whole host of new laws to make Britain fun again’ and ‘get serious about silliness’. However, he also manages to avert a threat of war between two countries arguing over which one owns a mountain and thwart the machinations of Violetta Crump, the Deputy Prime Minister. The ever present humour in the novel is highlighted by the illustrations.

Joe’s friend, ‘media agent and lifestyle guru’ Ajay has his own show in The Accidental President (9780192758989), £6.99

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