Raising Writing Standards through Book Making - Foundation to Year 8

20/06/2019 - 10:00am to 3:00pm

Book making allows children to explore the writing process in a meaningful way. It raises self-esteem and helps children see that their work is valued. It raises the status of presentation of written work and provides writers with a strong sense of purpose and audience.

In this hands-on workshop, teachers will make a range of different book forms using paper and scissors. Each one is focused on writing across the curriculum and for all ages and ability levels.

Teachers will:

• Develop an understanding of the value of developing real purposes and audiences for writing

• Use book making as a focus to engage learners in the writing process

• Be able to make a variety of pop-up books suitable for supporting writing

All participants will receive a copy of Paul's book, Making Books.

Teachers will be confident and knowledgeable in book making techniques that can:

• Help to narrow the gap between attainment in reading and writing

• Enable children to practise skills in writing, as well as art and design

• Give children confidence and pride in their written work

• Bring project and cross-curricular work alive

During the workshop Paul will supply worksheet diagrams to support all that books made. He will demonstrate a wide range of pop-up and movable books made by children which illustrate and inform what children are capable of achieving. Many of the models need only scissors and with others just a spot of glue is required.

Above all this is a day of fun and discovery and at the end of the course participants will be eager to take these ideas back to their classrooms!

About Paul Johnson

Paul has an international reputation for his pioneering work in developing literacy through the book arts. He is author of over fifteen titles including Pop-up Paper Engineering, Get Writing! Ages 4-7, Get Writing! Ages 7-11 and Making Books.

See examples of Paul's work on his website

"I have been inspired and motivated to use these practical examples to support improving writing. Fun, enjoyable and a high quality end product - a magical day!"

Teacher, 2017

"Book making helps children to develop as authors...it supports children at all stages of the writing process, but is particularly helpful to bilingual children who are learning English and to children who have reading and writing difficulties"

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