Getting started with the Power of Reading Teaching Plans
Created: 21st March, 2024

Our award-winning School Membership offers whole school access to teaching plans, examples of classroom practice, discounted books, curriculum maps, a free webinar place, plus a host of other resources.

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What do the Teaching Plans include?

All of our Teaching Plans follow the same format and each one suggests an approximate period of time during which the activities and outcomes can be covered.  Teachers may choose to stretch this over a longer period depending on the needs and interests of their class.  As a guide, the majority of sequences will last between 3 and 6 weeks.

At the beginning of each Teaching Plan you will find:

  • A brief overview of the chosen book
  • The overall aims of the Teaching Plan
  • How this relates to the National Curriculum Statutory Requirements / EYFS Statutory framework with regards reading and writing
  • Ideas for Continuous and Cross Curricular Provision to help enhance and embed what they are learning throughout the school day.

It also outlines Teaching Approaches that are used throughout the Teaching Plans (we have support available here if you want to go into these in more detail), information about writing outcomes that are produced through using the teaching plan and links to other texts and resources that can help children to develop ideas, as well as nurture a love of reading and writing. We also provide further weblinks to videos and resources that can help bring the books to life for the children.

Before getting into the individual Teaching Sessions, there is always a section entitled 'Before Beginning the Book'. This section is particularly useful for helping set up the classroom, and for thinking about how you could teach the sessions most effectively dependent upon your class.


What are the sessions in the teaching plans?

Each Teaching Plan is broken up into multiple 'sessions'. Each one gives an overview of what it will focus on and a plan, including teaching approaches and discussion points that can be used in the classroom. You might find that you want to spend more or less time on some of the sessions depending on the children's interests and ability level.

Although we recommend that teachers adapt the sequences to suit the needs and interests of their class, we would not recommend that teachers skip the creative approaches that have been planned very carefully. These support the children to comprehend texts more fully and to support the ideation and creation of written texts, so that when it comes to writing, the blank page is not a barrier and children can focus on skills of writing. If you are unsure about teaching a specific element, we offer plenty of short online courses and in person day courses that can help improve your confidence in the classroom. Take a look at all of our training options here.


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The Power of Reading training programme remains the most effective way of building up knowledge and expertise of high quality literacy provision in your school. Over the last 20 years research and evaluations have proven that the programme supports schools to develop a high quality literacy curriculum which fosters a whole school love of reading and writing and raises achievement in literacy. We have continuously found that children who are part of the programme make an additional six months progress compared to their peers.

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Bringing the Power of Reading to you:
We can deliver the project to groups of schools in a local area. For more information about commissioning a local project please email: p[email protected].


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