Created: 27th August, 2020

As the days get a little shorter and we start to feel the unmistakable breeze of autumn in the air our thoughts will inevitably return to the beginning of term and the start of the new academic year.  This year the start will be like none we have ever experienced before. We know that you will be juggling timetables, hand sanitiser and more than complicated arrangements and that you will all be working to keep the children in your schools safe, happy and educated – as you did throughout last year. 

At the CLPE we’ve been thinking hard about the best ways in which we can support you in your literacy teaching.  We want to make sure that our resources and our professional development continue to meet your needs, helping you to help young people returning to school have a broad and balanced literary experience, developing their love of reading and writing in a broad cultural and creative context.

We hope that you’ve signed up for and been sent our back to school unit based around Oliver Jeffers’ brilliant book, Here We Are. This unit will support you to teach one text across the whole school giving you ideas for creative and meaningful literacy lessons and helping you to address the concerns and experiences of your children. We hope you will join us in a celebration of all your wonderful work on the 24th September and will share the outcomes from your school across social media using #CLPEwordsfortheworld. 

All our teaching resources will remain available to you and our Take 5 home learning resources will still be available for CLPE Member Schools.  

We’ll be publishing our third Reflecting Realities report in early November giving us three years of data about the representation of children in literature and supporting you to choose and use books which celebrate and represent all the children in our country.  Of course, our Core Book list remains free as do our subject based book lists and if you want to think about how best to resource your book areas have a look at our free publication or at the chapters in our book, the Power of a Rich Reading curriculum.

We remain committed to ensuring you can access quality CPD which helps you to develop both specialist subject knowledge and pedagogical practice.  We are providing this CPD as a face to face and an online offer this year.  The impact of our CPD is carefully documented in our five year impact report which is available here.  

We wish you all the best for a happy and healthy term, and school year, if there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing: