Half-Day Courses - Deepening Subject Knowledge of Reading

Published on: 
Monday, 21 January 2019 - 12:47pm
Jessica Arnold

Our four, new, half-day courses have been created to deepen subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge in the teaching of reading.  These short courses all cover the key aspects of effective teaching of reading. Each half-day can be used as a way of focussing on a certain area of reading training, all together they give a comprehensive appreciation of the entire reading process.

We created these courses to share the research and best practice from our full course programme and using evidence from our long course ‘Progress and Achievement in Reading’. We understand that time is tight for teachers so we have made these courses half-day programmes, with the option to complete all four - or to pick and choose. This also gives the advantage that these courses are the cheapest that we offer, at only £95 a course. Allowing teachers to enhance their knowledge of significant elements of the reading process but in less time and for a cheaper price.

These courses would be an excellent introduction into effective reading training or as an opportunity for teachers who have completed our Power of Reading training or other courses, to take a deeper look at specific reading skills and strategies.  

Half-Day Course 1: Understanding Reading Progress

  • Focuses on how teachers can support readers at all points on the reading journey, helping move readers towards and beyond age related expectations
  • Deepens participants’ knowledge of the complete scale of development in reading.
  • Guides participants in choosing texts, exploring reading environments and planning key experiences.
  • Shows participants how to use effective pedagogies to meet the needs of all learners, develop fluency and deep comprehension and close the attainment gap.

Half-Day Course 2: Building a Reading Programme to Meet the Needs of all Learners

  • Focuses on the new Ofsted emphasis on depth of learning and curriculum design
  • Explores all aspects of reading instruction and looks at how to select experiences that meet the needs of all learners
  • Participants will be taught how to plan a reading curriculum that enables all children to make progress

Half-Day Course 3: Developing Early Readers Across the Primary Years

  • Focuses on developing early readers no matter their age
  • Explores what makes a high quality text for early readers of different ages
  • Supports practitioners to plan around such texts drawing out opportunities for the teaching of phonics and improving vocabulary knowledge
  • Develops strategies for increasing reading fluency and approaches to develop comprehension at all primary age groups.

Half-Day Course 4: Developing Higher Order Reading Skills in Readers of all Ages

  • Focuses on using challenging texts throughout all stages of the reading journey to develop higher order reading skills
  • Explores what constitutes a challenging text for children of all ages and stages of reading
  • Investigation of the different kinds of knowledge that pupils need in order to access more challenging books, develop a deeper understanding of vocabulary and comprehension skills that will lead to a greater depth of understanding.
  • Development of approaches and strategies that reflect on how you can help pupils to read books as writers, viewing them as inspiration for the style and content of their own writing.

These courses will ensure participants leave with a better understanding of the reading process. Because each one focusses on a different aspect of the teaching of reading, these courses will strengthen participants’ subject knowledge and allow them to leave with clear strategies, approaches and targets to achieve within their class or school. 

Find out more about all of these courses.