Give a school the gift of literacy

We launched a campaign to help schools to access our Power of Reading resources. 

From now until after Christmas it is possible to buy a school the gift of a Power of Reading subscription. The school you purchase a subscription for will receive a box of fantastic books and a voucher with a special code which will give them free access to the website resources for a whole year.

As part of our crowdfunding campaign to build our Literacy Library, the author SF Said launched a competition on Twitter to give away three Power of Reading subscriptions. We were overwhelmed with the response to the competition - there were so many schools who wanted to have a subscription but simply couldn’t afford the £300 it costs.

We want to help schools to access our resources, so we have launched this scheme where you can gift a subscription to a school.

The subscription gives the school access to the Power of Reading website where there are more than 200 teaching sequences to help teachers use wonderful and well-known children’s books to teach reading and writing, and put reading for pleasure at the heart of the curriculum.

All the teaching sequences are for current children’s books and they all meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The plans show you how to embed the technical aspects of reading and writing (phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary) in a meaningful way and also develop higher order reading and comprehension through creative and proven teaching approaches. The plans contain cross-curricular links so you can make books and reading the heart of your wider curriculum.

The site also contains more than 1000 examples of practice, so you can see how other schools have used these teaching materials and the Power of Reading Training. There is also comprehensive pedagogical guidance so you can get started with the planning straight away.

Find out about the impact of Power of Reading from schools that have used our resources 

Find out more about the website and the resources that are on it 

Buy a school you know a subscription and give them the gift of literacy.