English Hub Schools: How we can support you.


The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education is a charity with the single purpose of raising the achievement of primary-aged children in literacy.  We have been in existence for more than 45 years conducting classroom based action research, developing teaching materials and providing training to support teachers to ensure that primary school children have access to great children’s literature and quality provision. 

We use evidence from our national programmes, research from around the world and examples from the 2000+ schools we work with each year to ensure that all our materials are supporting teachers to provide the best possible learning experiences for the pupils in their care. 

English Hub schools have been tasked with promoting a love of reading and to support schools across the country to provide excellent phonics and early language teaching. Here at the CLPE we are well positioned to help HUBs to achieve these outcomes.


How can we support your Hub?

Free resources – as a Charity, we create lots of free resources all based on credible research to support teachers with their continuing professional development. 

Membership resources – a wealth of literacy planning for over 200 high quality texts along with over 1500 examples of practice.

Effective Literacy Training -Our longstanding professional development programmes are grounded in rich research and we offer three high-quality programmes to fulfil your key priorities of:

Our Impact Report for 2017-18 highlights the important and effective work we have carried out across the country.

  • 98% of teachers said that the Power of Reading had raised reading engagement
  • 99% of teachers said the Power of Reading had raised writing engagement
  • 100% of people attending our courses would recommend it to someone else
  • 99% of people attending our courses rated them as effective

Read it in full here.


We look forward to working with the English Hubs and becoming their charity partner, focussing on ensuring all learners are receiving the knowledge and capital they need to become lifelong readers and writers with all of the benefits this brings.

If you’re an English Hub and want to talk to us more about any of our courses or resources, please contact our Learning Programmes Leader, Farrah Serroukh: [email protected]