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The CLPE Reading and Writing Scales describe the journeys that children make in order to become literate and will help teachers to understand the progress children are making. They will help teachers to assess reading and writing progress and give a common language for reflecting on their own practice.The Reading and Writing Scales underpin all training and development at CLPE.

The Scales have been developed as PDFs and as an App. The PDFs will help teachers to get to know the Scales. They are designed to be printed in A3 colour and can be downloaded here free.The app supports teachers when they need to reference part of the Reading and Writing Scales quickly – for example when observing a child. The app is available for £1.49 on iOS and Android. Find out more here

CLPE worked in partnership with teachers and with EMCNAAENATE and UKLA  to develop the original Reading and Writing Scales into a tool that can be used by teachers to inform classroom practice in the 21st Century. Originally developed over 30 years ago, the Scales were first published as part of the CLPE Primary Language Record (PLR). The PLR was widely used in primary schools in the late 80s and 90s; influencing language and literacy records in all parts of the UK.

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