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Power of Reading - Lonely Beast

Places are still available book for Power of Reading training in London beginning 12 January 2018. Power of Reading is a whole school, book based approach to teaching primary English with four days comprehensive training and subscription to a website of over 190 teaching sequences with proven results of improvement of reading and writing in schools.



99% of 2016/17 participants said the project raised children’s attainment in writing

98% of 2016/17 participants said that the project improved children's engagement with reading. 

2016/17 Power of Reading participants also gave the following positive feedback:

"Children have moved from being reluctant readers to asking for books and going to the library outside of school. I have been told "This is the greatest book I have ever read!" or "Don't stop reading!"

“We had the highest percentage of children reaching expected standard in writing this year - this is a direct result of their enjoyment of the Power of Reading texts and teaching sequences.”

"A lead Ofsted inspector visited the school and was presented with Power of Reading from the teachers who attended the course. He was very impressed with the book selection and quality of work produced in key stage. The children's overall enthusiasm and their favourite book choices also impressed him."

Book for Power of Reading training beginning 12 January 2018.

Power of Reading training in Peterborough beginning 17 November 2017

Power of Reading training in Bristol beginning 25 January 2018

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