CLPE partners with the Royal African Society for exciting new Poetry in the Primary Classroom programme


 CLPE are delighted to announce an exciting new project, Poetry in the Primary Classroom, in partnership with the Royal African Society.


The project aims to offer primary school teachers a rich professional development and learning programme, to enhance their enjoyment of and practice with poetry from Africa and the diaspora. Working closely with poets from our Africa Writes festival community, we will develop educational workshops and resources to inspire new ways of working with poetry in the primary classroom. This work seeks to enhance creativity in the classroom, increasing children’s participation in the arts while shining a light on exciting work by poets from Africa and the diaspora.

About the programme
This 5 day training programme uses poetry from Africa and the diaspora and proven creative teaching approaches to support primary teachers to diversify the curriculum and embed artistic practice in the classroom, to improve children’s engagement in creative writing. This training will be delivered by our highly experienced team of teachers, as well as 3 professional poets who will share a wealth of techniques and creative approaches. This training meets all requirements of the National Curriculum and will cover:

  • How to approach poetry in a learning environment
  • The importance of reading poetry aloud
  • Expanding range and diversity of poetry in the classroom
  • The importance of inspiration and finding your voice
  • The importance of personal reflection and response
  • Teachers’ writing skills and confidence
  • The opportunity to work with 3 leading African diaspora poets
  • Poetry as a vehicle to explore identity

Participants will also receive Poetry in the Primary Classroom book packs, with accompanying teaching plans and resources, to develop participants' knowledge and understanding of African and diaspora poetry. At the end of the course will be the opportunity for teachers and children to share their work as part of the Africa Writes festival 2021 at the British Library.

The course is part-funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and costs just £375 for 5 days training, the equivalent of £75 per day.

Interested in getting involved?
This project is open to Years 4 and 5 teachers in London.

Register your interest in taking part in Poetry in the Primary Classroom.

About Africa Writes
The Royal African Society is a membership organisation that provides opportunities for people to connect, celebrate and engage critically with a wide range of topics and ideas about Africa today. The charity amplifes African voices and interests in academia, business, politics, the arts and education, reaching a network of more than one million people globally. Since 2012, the RAS has run the popular Africa Writes literature festival and since 2016, the Africa Writes Young Voices education programme which pairs professional poets with schools to enhance reading and creative writing in the classroom. Between 2017 and 2019, Africa Writes have engaged poets, pupils and teachers in our successful programme Africa Writes: Young Voices. The programme pairs diaspora poets with schools to deliver creative writing workshops, curated book packs, engagement with school libraries, showcase events and production of digital anthologies. This work has had a real impact on the knowledge, confidence and skills of both young people and teachers, and enhanced learning about African and diaspora literature in the classroom. To find out more about  the Royal African Society, visit their website.

Photo credit: Ivan Gonzalez.

This project is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.