Celebrations at the UKLA's 55th International Conference 2019!

On the 13th-14th July, the CLPE attended the UKLA’s 55th International Conference at Sheffield University. This year’s conference explored Literacy and Play for All: Improvisation, Possibility and Imagination. The weekend saw educators, and those working to improve literacy, coming together to explore literacy’s relation to play and playfulness. 

In line with the 2019 theme, CLPE’s Learning Programme Leader, Charlotte Hacking, hosted a workshop on the importance of picture books in fostering authentic writing opportunities, and the role they play in giving children the freedom and room to develop and extend their writing skills.

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We are also delighted to announce that the conference marked a moment of celebration for the CLPE as Regional Programme Leader, Farrah Serroukh was awarded the Brenda Eastwood Award for her pioneering work on ethnic representation in Children’s Literature through the CLPE’s Reflecting Realities report.

The Brenda Eastwood Award, now in its second year, recognises the work of schools, Early Years practitioners, teachers, HE Tutors, consultants or librarians who have shown good practice in empowering children to respect and appreciate diversity. Farrah’s involvement in Reflecting Realities was commended for enriching the fields of literacy, multilingualism and multiculturalism.

Congratulations Farrah!

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