Building our Literacy Library – its nearly there!

CLPE Literacy Library

Back in January we were crowdfunding to develop our Literacy Library at the heart of our Centre in London and we were overwhelmed by the wonderful support and generosity of so many people.  We are very pleased to let you know that we are fully on track for our Grand Opening on Frdiay 2 November - the builders have been doing an amazing job, the dust has disappeared, we have most of the books on the shelves and we are now just putting the finishing touches to the library.

On Friday 28th September it felt like the most magical part of the build happened. The amazing team from came along and installed the beautiful illustrations on the panels and what was looking very smart was suddenly transformed into a beautiful book world.  The creation and installation of the panels has been the result of some astonishing generosity and hard work. We owe a debt of gratitude to the wonderful marketers, publicists, designers, authors and illustrators who have helped us create these decorations.  

Nine wonderful books are represented on our walls and we would particularly like to thank the teams at all the publishers and the authors and illustrators who have allowed us to use their work and represent their books on our walls.  

Our thanks goes to:

  • The Team at Andersen Press for the creation of our Luna Loves Library Day archway (Illustrations by Fiona Lumbars, author Joseph Coelho)
  • The Team at Bloomsbury for the creation of our Harry Potter panels (Illustrations by Jim Kay, author JK Rowling) 
  • The Team at Macmillan Children's Books for the creation of our Charlie Cook's Favourite Book panels (Illustrations by Axel Scheffler, author Julia Donaldson) 
  • The Team at Macmillan Children's Books and Two Hoots for the creation of our Suffragette panels (Author and illustrator David Roberts)
  • The Team at Simon&Schuster for the creation of our Grandad's Island panels (Author and illustrator Benji Davies) 
  • The Team at OUP for the creation of our Pugs of the Frozen North panels (authored and illustrated by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre) 
  • The Team at Usborne for the creation of our The House with Chicken Legs panels (Illustration by Melissa Castrillon, author Sophie Anderson) 
  • Shoma Design Limited, DFB and Penguin Random House for their help with the creation of our Varjak Paw panels (Illustrations by Dave McKean, author S.F. Said) 
  • The Team at Flying Eye Books for the creation of our LEAF panels (author and illustrator Sandra Dieckmann)

Once the build is finish we will take official photos which we will share with you.  However, do keep an eye on our social media streams – we feel pretty certain that a few photos are going to find their way out there very soon...

So… what is next?  Well, we still have some things to finish – we have lighting to install and we need to mount the labelling that will tell us where all the books are.  There’s a little bit of decoration left to do and a couple of snags to unsnag.  If you are booked on our Power of Reading London or other courses in October you may well get a sneak preview of the building whilst we make sure that we have uncovered any issues and ironed out any last minute wrinkles. But before we know it, it will be November and, thanks to the support of so many people, we will have all built a library!!