Announcing the results of our Reflecting Realities survey

Reflecting realities

In February 2018 we launched Reflecting Realities, a new study into ethnic representation in children’s literature. We looked at children's books published in the UK in 2017 to establish how many featured BAME (Black or minority ethnic) characters.

The findings were as follows:

- There were 9115 childrens books published in the UK in 2017. Of these only 391 featured BAME characters

- Only 4% of the childrens books published in 2017 featured BAME characters

- Only 1% of the childrens books published in the UK in 2017 had a BAME main character

- Over half the fiction books with BAME characters were defined as ‘contemporary realism’(books set in modern day landscapes/contexts)

- 10% of books with BAME characters contained ‘social justice’ issues

- Only one book featuring a BAME character was defined as ‘comedy’

- 26% of the non-fiction submissions were aimed at an ‘Early Years’ audience

To find out more including recommendations for publishers please download the report from the Reflecting Realities project page

Illustrations © Holly Sterling and reproduced with her kind permission.