Photo of Sonia Afzal

Sonia Afzal

Sonia builds brand reputation for high profile listed companies, start-ups and scale-ups, and has specialist experience in thought(ful) leadership programs for organisations with an ambition to drive societal change. She has worked in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid across a variety of industries, including technology, finance, lifestyle, and the cultural arts - from product design and fine art, to fashion, beauty and the psychology of music.

Educational reform and CLPE’s mission, especially around better representation in children’s literature, is very close to her heart. Sonia strongly believes that literature, poetry and early literacy education is fundamental to building our basic moral values, starts young and should be managed with great care and thoughtfulness. 

An avid reader and writer from a young age, it was when she discovered Oscar Wilde, Harold Pinter and Arthur Miller in her teens that Sonia realised how much power words can have on shaping our sense of identity – both through what is said, and what is left out, whether deliberately or inadvertently.