Photo of Ramon Kaur

Ramon Kaur

Ramon has spent the last 15 years of her professional career working in senior positions across public policy, government relations, corporate affairs and communications. She is currently the Global Head of Communications at international fintech firm, IG Group. She has particular expertise working in financial services and has helped corporates develop their ESG programmes including how they can support and work with third sector organisations to drive greater positive societal impact.

Ramon grew up in Coventry and holds a law degree from Oxford University.

She believes every child should have fair and equal access to books and educational opportunities. She is particularly passionate about making reading accessible to children who may not have access to books at home or whose parents are not confident readers. She is delighted to be joining CLPE to help drive forward their work and ensure more children have the opportunity to unlock the joy of reading.

As a child, Ramon remembers early family trips to the local library, including getting her first library card which opened up a new world to her. For children, books have the power to transport them to far away places, show them that the world is a big and exciting place and help them develop their curiosity, confidence and unlock the power of language. One of her earliest memories is giggling at The Very Hungry Caterpillar and she loves nothing more than reading this book with her young son.