Jackie Gillan

Jackie Gillan - Chair of the Finance Committee

Jackie is a banker with over 30 years of experience dealing with large corporates. Her employer encouraged her to take her skills out of the workplace to assist the charities sector and in exchange learn some new skills for herself. 

Why did she want to become a trustee of CLPE? She feels passionately about reading and the way it is taught largely due to her own childhood experiences with literacy.  As a child she was an avid reader, prior to attending infant school. Her infant school was piloting the “ita reading scheme”, which meant unlearning the reading skills and re-learning through “ita” and then reverting to standard English.  This was rather confusing to a 4 year old and put her off reading fiction for some time – reading numbers is still easier – hence the banking…   

As well as being Chair of the Finance Committee for CLPE Jackie is also a Trustee of The Book Bus, Slough Community Leisure and Absolutely Leisure.